How to Buy a Package

We don’t offer free trials but if you purchase a package after your first class with us, the class that you have just attended will be complimentary!

You can purchase training packages in the studios. For the Introductory 5 Class Pass for newbies, you can purchase it in the studio. We accept cash, credit cards and bank transfers for payments.

Which fitness classes are suitable for me

Our classes are suitable for people for ALL fitness level. However, for our H.I.I.T. classes which are 30 minutes in duration, we recommend that people with a higher fitness level to attend the classes to avoid injury (such as Burnout, Metabolic Conditioning & Shred I.T.).

What to Bring

We recommend wearing  comfortable workout clothes and sports shoes for the classes which will helps you to move freely during each exercise.

Bring a water bottle. We provide a water dispenser and plastic cups but encourage you to bring your own bottles to reduce the amount of plastic used to safe the environment.

We provide workout towels and bath towels if you need them as we have showering facilities if you need to freshen up yourself right after the class.


Please arrive at least 10 minutes before class commences so you can meet change to your comfortable workout attires if you haven’t have the time to do so. Late client will only be allowed into the class after they have done their own warmups once class started. Warm up is an important part of the program and we would like to prevent injury to a client at all costs once the class started due to the intensity of the class.

Class Cancellations and No Shows Policy

Classes cancelled 3 hours or less before class commencement will be penalized.No-shows or late cancellations received after the policy window will be charged $15 for class packages and $30 for Personal / Specialized Training packages.

Extension of Training Packages

We understand that sometimes clients have to travel due to work or family commitments. We provide training packages extension at a fee of $10 and itineries are to be shown. The extension will only be applicable if the client is out of town for at least 5 days. This is only valid for clients who bought the Unlimited Monthly Training packages only.

Class Packages Terms & Conditions

All classes need to be paid in full before class commencement. All packages must be activated within 1 month of purchase.

All training packages are non-transferable and non-sharable.